Who is who at Scrabo Striders

An easy guide to get to know our committee...

CHAIR - Hannah Robinson hannah-robinson.jpg
  • Represents the Club and all its interests, as well as liaising with other local Running Clubs and athletic organisations.
  • Press Reports – collecting Race results, writing reports and liaison with local papers 
  • Plans and runs Committee meetings and liaises with the Secretary in setting the agenda.
  • Acts as a point of contact for any Club member with a complaint or ideas for improvement.  
  • Makes general announcements to the membership.

e-mail: chairperson@scrabostriders.com

VICE-CHAIR - Eileen Pollock

Stands in for the Chairperson when she is not available.

SECRETARY - Lyndsey Lappin

  • Main Club contact with outside organisations for correspondence, and attends their meetings as necessary.  
  • Guardian of the Club Constitution, Rules and Code of Conduct. 
  • Advises the Committee on what can and cannot be done according to the rules & regulations. 
  • Organises and books rooms for meetings, follows up decisions and records all Committee actions. 
  • Arranges AGM.  
  • Maintains current membership database. 
  • Ensures compliance with Data Protection legislation.

e-mail: secretary@scrabostriders.com

TREASURER - Karen Farrelly

Karen Farrelly
  • Manages the finances
  • Accounts for all income & expenditure
  • Holds the cheque book, pays invoices etc
  • Together with the Secretary, accounts for annual membership income (who has paid and who has not) 
  • Presents accounts at AGM

e-mail: treasurer@scrabostriders.com

Welfare Officer - Caroline SmythCaroline Smyth
  • Designated Welfare Officer
  • Club Kit – managing, ordering, selling & collecting money.
General Committee Members

Assist the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer in all aspects of their roles.

George McGonigal
Johnny Wray
Graeme McGowan
Garry Cavill
Kieran McNamara
Rachell Tully
Ian Frazer
Fiona McEvoy

First Aid – qualified First Aid support - Karen Farrelly

Website – maintaining & updating the Club website and Social Profiles - Karen Farrelly