Who is who at Scrabo Striders

An easy guide to get to know our committee...

CHAIR - Hannah Robinson hannah-robinson.jpg
  • Represents the Club and all its interests, as well as liaising with other local Running Clubs and athletic organisations.
  • Press Reports – collecting Race results, writing reports and liaison with local papers 
  • Plans and runs Committee meetings and liaises with the Secretary in setting the agenda.
  • Acts as a point of contact for any Club member with a complaint or ideas for improvement.  
  • Makes general announcements to the membership.

e-mail: chairperson@scrabostriders.com

VICE-CHAIR - Eileen Pollock

Stands in for the Chairperson when she is not available.

SECRETARY - Lyndsey Lappin

  • Main Club contact with outside organisations for correspondence, and attends their meetings as necessary.  
  • Guardian of the Club Constitution, Rules and Code of Conduct. 
  • Advises the Committee on what can and cannot be done according to the rules & regulations. 
  • Organises and books rooms for meetings, follows up decisions and records all Committee actions. 
  • Arranges AGM.  
  • Maintains current membership database. 
  • Ensures compliance with Data Protection legislation.

e-mail: secretary@scrabostriders.com

TREASURER - Karen Farrelly

  • Manages the finances
  • Accounts for all income & expenditure
  • Holds the cheque book, pays invoices etc
  • Together with the Secretary, accounts for annual membership income (who has paid and who has not) 
  • Presents accounts at AGM

e-mail: treasurer@scrabostriders.com

Welfare Officer - Caroline SmythCaroline Smyth
  • Designated Welfare Officer
  • Club Kit – managing, ordering, selling & collecting money.
General Committee Members

Assist the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer in all aspects of their roles.

George McGonigal
Johnny Wray
Graeme McGowan
Garry Cavill
Kieran McNamara.

First Aid – qualified First Aid support - Karen Farrelly

Website – maintaining & updating the Club website and Social Profiles - Karen Farrelly