Weekend Results 8th and 9th October

Posted: 10/10/2016

This weekend we had our first Scrabo Striders on tour at Comber Parkrun. Over 30 members took part along with a few more soon to be Striders. Congratulations to our first male finisher Curtis McCaw and first female finisher Tina Miller with 7 members trying Comber parkrun for the first time (Paul, Matthew, Tina, Craig, Eileen, Stephen and Leanne) and 3 members running their first parkrun (Kieran, Keith and Kirsty).

Within the results we had 9 PB's (Manuel, Nigel, Emma, Eileen, Sara-Amanda, Antoaneta, Karen F, Karen C and Rachel) and for Karen Clarke her next parkrun will be the big 50 completing her 49th at Comber.


Curtis McCaw 17:54
Manuel Farrelly 22:19
Kieran Mc 22:21
Nigel Martin 23:02
Paul Sheldon 23:52
Matthew Carville 24:06
Tina Miller 24:16
Keith Campbell 24:48
Craig Lendrum 24:55
Emma Kelly 24:56
Aine Cahir 26:23
Gary Clarke 26:26
Eileen Pollock 26:42
Leanne Campbell 26:47
Caroline Smyth 26:47
Alan Steen 27:29
Stephen Campbell 27:36
Kirsty Meredith 28:07
Sara-Amanda Martin 28:43
Lyndsey Lappin 28:48
Antoaneta Kisimova 29:43
Karen Farrelly 31:04
Leanne Hanna 32:31
Karen Clarke 33:12
MsGreer Mun 34:26
Janice Irvine 34:31
Hannah Robinson 34:33 
Barbara L Morrow 37:17
Kim Cochrane 37:55
Rachel Tully 38:42.

In Bangor we had Carol Bailie 27:06 and Stormont Mark Leathem in 23:51.

Also on Saturday we had 5 Striders competing in the GR8 Dundrum, an 8 mile race, First in for us was Chris Stevenson 1:09:35, Olli Seeger 1:12:06, Catherine Lavery 1:24:22, Lorraine Adams 1:28:42 and Carleen Seeger 1:44:59. Fantastic performance from all of our Striders.

We want to give a special mention to our coaches RunNormanrun and Sam that today completed the Chicago Marathon along with 10 of their teammates. Absolutely fab results from all, we are sure they are all out celebrating. Enjoy.

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