Scrabo Striders Dunkers

Posted: 2/3/2019

Between 22 Feb and 22 May 19, nineteen members of Scrabo Striders will be swopping running trainers for swim suits to compete in the Diabetes UK 22 mile challenge. Each team member will aim to complete 22 miles of swimming, the equivalent of an English Channel Swim. If you happen to see the team in the pool then cheer them on, should you want to donate the team have a Scrabo Striders Dunkers Just Giving Page.

Update from Sonya Summersgill - So I am delighted to tell you how proud you should be of Scrabo Striders Dunkers. We have swum 48 miles of the challenge in one week. We are sitting in first place of 237 teams that have entered the Swim 22 challenge and some of our team have still to enter the miles they have swum. So get behind us and remember to donate. IMAGINE if we maintained this position and remained in first place, our wee team of runners from Ards! 

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