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Castle Ward Trail Race squad.

Bibs have arrived today for next Friday! Tim McEwan, this one's for you!!

Details below for pack collection and race day details.

We are just over one week to go to the event and hopefully you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

Please see below the details for the pack collection for the event:-

Wednesday 20th February 7pm-8.30pm Londonderry Park Pavillion, Portaferry Road, Newtownards

Thursday 21st February 7pm-8.30pm Londonderry Park Pavillion, Portaferry Road, Newtownards

There will be limited time for pack collection on the day but it will be available from 5pm-6pm at Mount Stewart, but we would ask where possible that you lift your packs on Wednesday and Thursday to keep things running smoothly on the Friday night.

Please arrive on the evening in good time for the race start, it is recommended that you arrive no later than 6pm to get parked and make your way around to the front of the house.

The race will start at 7pm Sharp



Please park in the main car park where possible, this is into the left when you come through the main entrance to Mount Stewart and use all available car parking spaces including coach parking section.

Due to the nature of the race there are no water stations but there will be water provided at the finishing line

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday The 22nd for a great race and some Strider hospitality!!

The Striders!!!

Sunny Stormont Cross Country: Sliding about on a sunny Saturday afternoon, sure what else would you be doing? Juniors do us proud at Stormont XC.

End of tonight's 30 - 20 - 10 session with Coach Graeme assisted by Coach Chris.
Some fantastic speeds. Well done all.

First warm lap before tonight's 30 - 20 - 10 session with Coach Graeme assisted by Coach Chris. Great turnout and super effort from everyone including the Juniors with Coach Phillippa assisted by Coach Liam.

Start of last night's fantastic 800s session with Coach Fiona assisted by Coaches Phillippa and Chris. Over 100 athletes.
Great effort all round and some super speeds.

Well done Strider Kids! Storming Stormont XC.

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Friday Night Session plus latecomer!
Practice for tomorrow's Stormont XC.
Lovely evening. Well done all.

Ards Half Marathon Returns, Striding through Antrim: Big race announcements. B2R Castle Gardens Antrim report.

Fantastic Flying 30s Session tonight with Coach Kathleen assisted by Coach Sonya.
Incredible work rate and look at the speeds!
Well done all. Hard work pays.

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Gary Hunsdale from the Striders presenting Ruth McClurg from Mount Stewart with the Run the Trails Night Edition medal this morning. Only 25 places left , so if you want one of these beauties get registered at the link below #runthetrailsnightedition #glowingbling #scrabostriders

First Warm Up Lap before tonight's 200s with Coach Gary assisted by Abrar. Fantastic turnout of over 120 athletes. Well done all.

Podium Places for Scrabo Striders, FEARR the Night: Scrabo Striders don’t Fearr The Night, Podium for Ricky and Catherine. Cross country success for Norman.

Super Pyramid Session tonight with Coach Lesley assisted by Coach Kieran.
Really challenging session with over 100 athletes rising to the challenge.
Great work everyone and thanks Coaches.

Save the date AHM 28th June

More to follow.....

On Friday 10th May 2019, Scrabo Striders will host our Run the Runways 5/10k event. There will be 5km and 10km races, officially measured by Athletics NI. There will also be a free kids 1km race.

This event is now open to the public through the Athletics NI website.

We would greatly appreciate if you could please like and share this event with friends.

Good evening Striders! Hope you are all having a good weekend! Monday night's training session is Speedy Hills with a change of venue. Our Vice Captain has kindly arranged for us to have the use of the hill at the Stormont Estate for the session! Parking will be in the Mo Mowlam play park car park or in the bottom car park of the Stormont Hotel. The session will start as usual at 7.15 and we will meet at the park run start line in the estate. If you can, please car share to make it easier for you all to get a parking spot. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday night and by the end of the session we will be able to say that we were running stormont better than the current Government 😁

Fantastic turnout tonight at FEARR NI.
Absolutely superb event. Well done all.

Striding through Gosford, Olli’s 100th Parkrun: In the grounds of Stormont Estate Olli Seeger, officially the Club’s noisiest member, completed his 100th Parkrun.

Finish of tonight's 2-1-30 Session with Coach Graeme assisted by Coaches Sonya and Fiona.
Over 90 athletes working very hard.
Just look at the speeds. Well done all.

Striders at Mathieson Cup, Elaine’s 100th Parkrun: Striders compete at the 2019 Mathieson Cup and Shield and Elaine clocks up her 100th Parkrun.

Start of tonight's 2's and 1's Session with Coach Chris assisted by Coaches Gary and Jasmine. Great session and super effort from everyone. Well done all.

Good evening Striders! I hope you all have had a good weekend. Tomorrow night's session is 2's and 1's. As the Monday night session is generally a bit longer we have added 200's into the mix too, so..... the session will be run on the 800m route and we will be running at your maximum on the 200m section of the stony path and then recovering round to the 100m section where you will give it 100% again before recovering back to the 200m section of the stony path again. This is a variation of the Drop the Hammer session and will build speed and stamina. We will meet as usual at Londonderry Park at the Pavillion at 7.15pm for a session brief, followed by a warm up before starting into the main session. Look forward to seeing you all there, Chris.

Final run in tonight's Pyramid Session with Coach Kieran assisted by Coach Hannah.
Fantastic session with great finishing speed.
Well done all.

First run in tonight's Pyramid Session with Coach Kieran assisted by Coach Hannah.
Great turnout and super effort from everyone.