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Fantastic VO2 MAX Session with Coach Chris assisted by Coach Fiona. ENCOURAGEMENT!
Brilliant effort all round and some super speeds. Well done all of you.

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Good morning Striders! I hope you have all recovered from Gary's 200's session on Monday night, great work from you all!
Tonight's session is VO2 Max ladder on the hockey pitches. This is a great session for building your endurance and efficiency when training by increasing the oxygen uptake in the muscles. The session will comprise of a warm up on the pitches followed by the session which is:
30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off X3,
45 seconds on/ 45 seconds off x 2 and,
1 minute on/ 2 minute recovery and this will be repeated twice.

This is a shorter session lasting 24 minutes in total but to get the most benefit out of it you should give maximum effort!

I look forward to seeing you all later!


First 200 in tonight's session with Coach Gary assisted by Coaches Megan and Chris.
Great speed session. Well done all.

Tonight's warm up lap before our 200s session with Coach Gary assisted by Megan and Chris.
Great session and super effort from everyone.

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Friday Night 'A' Team plus latecomers and 'Cross Community' Guest.
Lovely run. Well done all.

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Great after training talk tonight with Francis Marsh. Really interesting with so many tips.
'How To Run Faster With Smarter Training And Nutrition'. Would highly recommend this!

Tonight's fantastic Flying 30s Session with Coach Loraine assisted by Coaches Kathleen and Abrar. Look at the speed of the athletes.
Great effort from everyone. Well done all.

New update means Scrabo Striders 3rd.
Well done all.

Fantastic result for Scrabo Striders.
Well done all who contributed 😁😁😎

Scrabo Striders Running Club added 3 new photos.

Tonight's Meet The Coaches.
Thanks to everyone who participated.
Valuable time. More to come. Top club!

Start of tonight's 200's session with Coach Johnny. Fantastic effort from everyone.
SPEED! Well done all and thanks to our coaches.

Scrabo Striders Running Club is feeling proud.

🎉💜A picture of around half of our 8 Stride Finishers in their 8 Strides 2018 top. We had 58 members complete the competition this year that have been awarded the finishers top. Congratulations to Curtis McCaw, Ricky Jordan, Johnny Wray, Colin Harper, Justin Clegg, Paul Sheldon, Manny Farrelly, Shannon Clegg, Graeme McGowan, Nigel Martin, Kerri Anderson, Chris Green, Charlie Allen, Olli Seeger, George Cash, Caroline Dwyer, Deborah Atkinson, Amanda Martin, Alison Busby, Jennifer Couper, Linda Dugan, Kathryn Chesney, Lindsay Allen, Beverly Blaine, Ashley Gilliland, Eileen Pollock, Kathy Henderson, Wendy Thompson, Angie Crone, Amanda Piesse, Mick Honeyman, Stevie Campbell, Ronnie Geddis, Lindsay Cree, Tegan Scott, Nicola Honeyman, Greer Munday, Catherine Lavery, Erin Donnelly, Rhonda Magowan, Abrar Hossain, Emma Clements, Nikki Keery, Jan Murphy, Ian Edwards, Rachel Tully, Hannah Robinson, Connor McNamara, Justin Black, Andy Boal, David Turton, Michael Brown, Mark Halus, Mark Gilmore, Jenny Smyth, Lynn Sheldon, Norman Mawhinney and Ian Frazer. 💜🎉

Thanks to Premier Print & Embroidery 😊

Last Speedy Hill in tonight's session with Coach Kieran assisted by Coaches Chris Liam and Graeme. Fantastic effort by everyone.
Special well done to the C25K graduates.

Tonight's fantastic 2 minutes 1 minute 30 seconds Session with Coach Emma assisted by Gary, Sonya, Kathleen, and Jazzy.
100+ athletes working very hard.
Some incredible speeds. Well done all.
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Warm up lap before tonight's 1Ks Session with Coach Lesley assisted by Fiona, Kieran, Abrar and Chris. Great work with over 100 athletes.
Super session with some tremendous running.

Gareth Robson Photography did the photography for our annual awards. 🏆🏆

Go check out the amazing pictures on his page and give it a like 👍

Fantastic work thank you 💜💜

Last 1 minute of tonight's Pyramid Session with Coach Gary. AFF. Always Finish Fast.
Fantastic turnout and great effort all round.

Warm Up Lap before tonight's Pyramid Session with Coach Gary. Great work everyone.

Warming up for our 400s Session with Coach Graeme. Over 130 athletes training together.
Fantastic session with great work from everyone and encouragement. Well done.

Scrabo Striders Running Club is at Londonderry Park.

Start of tonight's Mona Fartlek Session with Coach Chris. Fantastic effort and turnout.
What a club. Well done all.

Good evening Striders! Hope you are all having a good week so far. Tomorrow night’s session is Mona Fartlek. This type of training is great for improving stamina and endurance, but also for boosting speed, strength and power. The session will consist of the following tempo runs 2x90sec, 4x60sec, 4x30sec, 4x15sec with a slower tempo recovery of the same time between each repetition. We will meet as usual at the Londonderry Park pavilion at 7.15pm. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Chris